Playing Free Online Keno

Keno is a very simple game and compares to the lottery in many ways. Many people love keno, but they do not have the time or money to get to a casino. Online keno games are now available for everyone to enjoy from home.

Online Keno Play

The game of keno is simply a matter of drawing random numbers until winners are selected. Balls are numbered 1 - 80 and all the balls are in play at the start of the game. Bettors choose 20 numbers for each game. Each number is referred to as a "spot", and each drawn spot has a prize value assigned depending on the number of players and the amount they wagered. In real casinos, numbers pop out of a machine into a compartment until 20 have been chosen. In free online keno, a computer randomly draws the numbers and they appear on the screen.

Great Online Keno Sites

The internet has many online keno sites to try with free game play. Research the sites and try your hand at winning. Even though play may be free, registration and logging in is generally required. Be careful to only supply the requested information and make certain the site you choose is reputable. Once registered, the choice of 80 balls will come up on the screen for you to make a selection. Mark your numbers and wait for the drawing to begin. Once each game is concluded, you will win prizes if any of your balls came up in the draw.

Free online keno is a great hobby and when you are not wagering any money, there is very little risk. Naturally, you can also find games online that require actual deposits for real monetary wins.