All About Craps Probabilities

Craps shares one thing with all of the other gambling games in casinos; it is governed by a set of probabilities that dictate the odds of getting a certain number on any given roll. Understanding the probabilities associated with different bets will help players make more informed decisions.

Placing Bets

While the probability of winning with certain bets is better than the probability of winning with others, some of these bets can only be placed after certain things have happened. For instance, a player cannot place a Pass Line or Don't Pass bet until the shooter has already rolled a point. Beforehand, the player should choose a come out bet that has a decent set of odds. This will ensure that the player will at least get to this point.

Probability of Certain Combinations

Another thing that players should understand about craps is that the odds of rolling some numbers are better than the odds of rolling others. Take for example a player who is debating whether to bet on two or on eight. There is only one way to roll a two--two Aces--but there are multiple ways to roll an eight. Therefore, it is easy to see that betting on eight has the higher probability and quite possibly the best outcome for the player.

Odds of Obtaining Numbers

The final thing that players should consider when trying to determine the best probabilities for rolling any number combination is how likely a shooter is to roll a number. Each die has six sides, meaning that each number has a one in six chance of occurring on any given roll. The odds here seem relatively high and players often go by this information, but they should remember that the odds of rolling a certain combination are what really matter.

Understanding craps and playing a better craps game all comes down to understanding the odds and probabilities associated with rolling certain numbers. By realizing that higher odds equal lower payouts, most players are able to win more money.